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Sterling Financial Services LLC (SFS) is the middle east’s foremost financial brokerage and investment services firm providing state-of-the-art trading facilities in the global FX and commodities markets. The professional expertise we gained over the last 30 years have enabled us to deliver high-profile trading services to individual investors as well as hedging (financial risk management) services to commercials and businesses.

Sterling Financial Services LLC is regulated by SCA 305029 Category 5 - Introduction.

At SFS our goal is to guide our clients to earn high returns by combining top-rated investment recommendations with efficient risk management techniques. Our reputation lies in providing the most effective trading services from seasoned specialists.

Our Services

We specialize in Forex, metals & CFD trading

Trading for Individual Investors

Individuals can open a trading account and start trading with the intention of making money from anticipated movements in the prices of commodities. They can choose from an ever-expanding list of commodities that includes foreign currencies, stock indexes, precious metals, base metals, crude oil & products, agricultural products, foodstuff etc. which are traded on regulated exchanges. Trading orders are instantly placed onto the concerned exchanges using telephones and high-speed computer networks.

Hedging for Commercials and Businesses

Businesses can make good use of the financial instruments called Derivatives in order to offset the possible risks associated with fluctuating currency exchange rates or commodity prices. This is achieved by a process called Hedging, and it helps Managers to secure their businesses from the anticipated losses that might have occurred otherwise. SFS assists businesses and commercials to set up their hedging programs through a step-by-step procedure.

Our Resources

Our resources are our people – experienced brokers, consultants, analysts, dealers and sales & administrative staff. Our approach to trading business, both independent and team work, has been found attractive to our clients who share varying investment objectives and confidentiality.

Our Clients

Our client base is just as varied as the different services we provide: Individual Investors, Short-term Day Traders, Gold Traders & Jewelers, Crude Oil Companies & Dealers, General Exporters & Importers are a few to name. All have turned to SFS to increase their chances of success in financial markets as well as to improve their exposure to commodities and foreign exchange markets.


• Zero commission for standard spreads
• For ECN pricing between 3 USD to 30 USD per 1 lot (100 K USD)
• Futures & CFD: between 5 USD per standard contract 50 USD per standard contract

Fees are subject to variation depending on individual cases and volume. We reserve the right to modify and revise these fees as necessary. Kindly ensure to visit this page regularly to stay informed about our most recent fee updates.

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